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Our Proud History
Algonquin Heritage and Culture

Our Treaty Negotiations

Overview of Treaty Negotiations
Statement of Shared Objectives
Protocol Agreement
Addendum to Protocol Agreement
Terms of Reference for Algonquin Negotiation Representatives
Consultation Process Interim Measures Agreement
Framework Agreement for Negotiations
Preliminary Draft Agreement-in-Principle

Current Initiatives

Overview of Current Initiatives
Economic Development
Pimisi Transit Station on the City of Ottawa’s Confederation Line
Rockcliffe Redevelopment
Lansdowne Revitalization
Returning Kichisippi Pimisi, the American Eel, to the Ottawa River
Recovery and Protection of Namé, Lake Sturgeon, throughout our Traditional Territory
Seeking Algonquin Input!



Treaty Negotiation Documents
Algonquin Negotiation Representative Elections
Audited Financial Statement
Correspondence and Notices
The Algonquin Presence

Current Opportunities

Employment Opportunities at the Algonquins of Ontario Consultation Office
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