Statement of Shared Objectives

(1994, renewed 2006)

We are committed to achieving a just and equitable settlement of the long-standing claim of the Algonquins of Ontario, and in doing so, we intend to: 
  • Avoid creating injustices for anyone in the settlement of the claim
  • Establish certainty and finality with respect to title, rights and interests in the land and natural resources with the intention of promoting stability within the area and increasing investor confidence
  • Identify and protect Algonquin rights
  • Protect the rights of private landowners, including their right of access to and use of their land
  • Enhance the economic opportunities of the Algonquins with the intention of also benefiting and promoting general economic and commercial opportunities in the area
  • Ensure Algonquin Park remains a park for the appropriate use and enjoyment of all peoples
  • Establish effective and appropriate methods and mechanisms for managing the lands and natural resources affected by the settlement, consistent with the principles of environmental sustainability
  • Consult with interested parties throughout the negotiations process and to keep the public informed on the progress of the negotiations

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