Seeking Algonquin Input!

In addition to the ongoing consultation efforts on the Preliminary Draft Agreement-in-Principle, a number of very exciting initiatives are taking shape across the Settlement Area. These initiatives will serve to enhance the Algonquin presence and influence, strengthen relationships with municipalities and other government agencies, and establish Algonquin credentials as strong players in the social, economic and political fabric of eastern Ontario and Canada.

As part of our efforts to embrace opportunities to recognize and celebrate Algonquin art, culture and heritage, the Algonquins of Ontario are working to build and strengthen relationships with Algonquin Elders, youth and community members while seeking opportunities to draw upon and integrate their experience and wisdom into each project.


Currently, the Algonquins of Ontario are seeking Algonquin input on the following initiatives:

Collection of Algonquin Traditional Knowledge about Kichisippi Pimisi

In 2012, the Algonquins of Ontario (AOO) entered into an exciting partnership with the Canadian Wildlife Federation to participate in the Ottawa River American Eel Project. In the first year of this partnership, the AOO and the Canadian Wildlife Federation engaged a research assistant to participate in the ongoing study of the Kichisippi Pimisi in the vicinity of Lac des Chats on the Ottawa RiverIn addition to the scientific research conducted in the field, the research assistant also worked to bridge the gap between scientific knowledge and cultural heritage through the collection of Aboriginal Traditional Knowledge of Kichisippi Pimisi.

The AOO are committed to continuing the collection of Traditional Knowledge as we move forward with this important project. If you or anyone you know has any family stories, anecdotes, legends or personal experience about Kichisippi Pimisi, we invite you to share this knowledge by contacting the Algonquins of Ontario Consultation Office by email to, by telephone at 1-855-735-6307 or by mail to 31 Riverside Drive, Suite 101, Pembroke, ON K8A 8R6.

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