Wateridge Village (formerly known as CFB Rockcliffe)

In 2010, the AOO and Canada Lands Company Limited (CLC) entered into an exciting and innovative Participation Agreement for the redevelopment of the former Canadian Forces Base Rockcliffe in Ottawa.

CFB Rockcliffe was originally established by the Department of Defence in 1898. The base was once home to over 450 military families, but since 1994, has been decommissioned. CLC acquired the site from the federal government in 2011 and is now commencing the planning and consultation process for the site’s redevelopment.

This Participation Agreement establishes a direct financial interest for the AOO in the development of one of the most desirable and valuable parcels of land in Canada. Specifically, the Participation Agreement provides opportunities for cooperation between the CLC and the AOO including:

  • commemoration of the history and connection of the Algonquin people with the site
  • AOO engagement in all stages of the concept development, land use planning and detailed design
  • the opportunity for AOO to acquire a defined amount of lots or blocks under the municipally-approved plan, as development takes place

The AOO and CLC have established the Consultation Working Group to act as a bridge between the two parties throughout the implementation of the Participation Agreement. This Working Group is composed of equal representation from the AOO and CLC and meets as frequently as agreed to. It provides a forum for discussion, information sharing and consultation.

As of November 28, 2016, Wateridge Village is ready to welcome new home buyers. Please click here for an update to this exciting project.