Calling All Algonquin Artists – Contemporary, Traditional, Crafters, Musician and More!

Represent your community this August through ‘Finding Critical Mass’ at the Art Gallery of Bancroft

For the entire month of August, the Art Gallery of Bancroft will see a ground-breaking exhibition of Algonquin artists. The exhibition, called Finding Critical Mass, will recognize and promote Algonquin artists, while increasing the public presence of the Algonquin people.

Robin Tinney, Algonquin artist and curator of the exhibition, strongly encourages all Algonquin artists, in any medium or style (contemporary, traditional artists, crafters, musicians and more) to contact him by the end of April with any questions or to express their interest in participating.

Tinney is looking to showcase a broad range of styles within an underlying theme, and to display works that are representative of each of the 10 Algonquin communities.

The exhibit will be open to all, and is anticipated to be enjoyed and celebrated by Algonquins and the general public alike. It promises to be a portal into shared and varied Algonquin experience, emotions and art.

According to Tinney, Finding Critical Mass is also an opportunity to bring Algonquin artists together, so they can share in sparking a cultural re-growth that will stand for generations to come. Artists too often work in isolation and miss out on opportunities to share their creations widely, and to have an impact in shaping the cultural future of the Algonquin nation, he says.

Experienced, new, sought-after, explorative – if you are an Algonquin artist or know of an Algonquin artist whose work deserves to be seen and enjoyed, contact Robin Tinney right away at or 416-531-7374.


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The Art Gallery of Bancroft is located in the town of Bancroft, Ontario. Completely run by dedicated volunteers, the AGB mounts 12 exhibitions per year celebrating the work of local and regional artists and artisans. To learn more about the Art Gallery of Bancroft, click here.

Upcoming Workshop!

Mark your calendars for April 30, May 1, & May 14 for an exciting workshop being lead by Robin Tinney at the Art Gallery of Bancroft entitled “Creative Soapstone Carving“. For additional details, contact Ingrid Monteith, Workshop Coordinator at or at 613-334-6965.