Fish Harvesting demonstrated to be sustainable within the four zones of Algonquin Park identified in the Agreement-in-Principle

December 1, 2016 (Pembroke, ON) – The Algonquins of Ontario (AOO) and the governments of Ontario and Canada, who are the parties to the Algonquins of Ontario treaty negotiations, agree that conservation is a fundamental principle underlying the management of all renewable resources, including wildlife, fish, birds, plants and trees.

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, with support from the AOO, has completed the collection and analysis of data to determine how the harvest, including the winter harvest, affects the brook trout and lake trout populations in the four zones of Algonquin Park as referred to in section 8.2.9 (a) of the Agreement-in-Principle.

The information gathered clearly establishes that fish harvesting, including winter fish harvesting, has not affected the sustainability of the brook trout and lake trout populations in the four zones, and that there is no scientific basis for any winter fishing restriction within those zones. Consequently, there is no need for any voluntary curtailment on winter fishing in these four zones of Algonquin Park.

The Agreement-in-Principle (Section 8.2.6) also states that Ontario and the AOO, and where appropriate Canada, will make every effort to develop fisheries management plans for all fish harvesting in the Settlement Area, including provisions for the conservation of brook trout in Algonquin Provincial Park. With the signing of the Agreement-in-Principle on October 18, 2016, these discussions can now begin in earnest.

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